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Mountaineers for Himalayas

MOUNTAINEERS FOR HIMALAYAS FOUNDATION (MHF) is a private non-profit, non-denominational and non-politically affiliated foundation found in 2002 in the Principality of Andorra. Learn more of MHF Andorra at

In 2003, the mountaineer Edurne Pasaban started to be part of the MHF project and in 2010 she became president of the Basque Country branch creating MOUNTAINEERS FOR HIMALAYAS BY EDURNE PASABAN. MHF’s mission is to obtain resources that will be destined to finance different projects related to education for the boys and girls of Himalaya, as well as the correct use and transmission of these funds.

After the devastating earthquake, MHF by EDURNE PASABAN has been actively working on helping and providing emergency goods to the victims of the earthquake, and since September 2015, actively looking for funds to finance the reconstruction of Dhola, a completely destroyed village with 307 inhabitants.