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After the devastating earthquake that happened in Nepal on April 25th 2015, the MHF by EDURNE PASABAN raised funds to help the country. They decided to start studying different areas where invest the funds raised.

The first phase started in the Valley of Manaslu, in the town of Laprak. During this phase, we spent the amount of money raised in tents for shelter, in food to feed 4.400 people and in paying the habitants of Laprak for their services as porters. These initiatives reactivated their economy by giving them money directly, for the reconstruction of the houses.

In a second phase, the rest of the funds raised are currently being destined to a new area, the district of Dhading.

We are helping to build a new village for the 307 inhabitants that had to leave their belongings and houses after they were destroyed in Kapur area.

The 55 families from Kapur area had to walk during 5 days to arrive to Dhola, to settle in their new location at Dhading district number 7.

The main objective of this project is to build the houses for the affected ones. The design of the houses is being supervised by the engineer group PRO ETH PVT LTD, according to the Nepali construction code. The new houses are being built taking into account possible future earthquakes, with a good concrete base. The inhabitants of Dhola are the ones building their houses, with the guidance of a technical engineer.

MHF by EDURNE PASABAN signed an agreement with Lapa Swastha Sewa Bindu Organization, where it commits to provide a total donation of 110.000€ for the construction of the 55 houses in Dhola.

On the counterpart, the people of Dhola compromise to:

  • All children attend school.
  • All citizens of Dhola comply with the basic hygiene norms.
  • All adults must be literate and if it is possible continue with a basic study for their future.